There is a misconception that the only time to look for a new job is when your current job’s flaws are starting to become more and more unavoidable. The daily frustrations of an over-demanding boss, a work culture that feels toxic, the feeling of stagnant professional development, and the guilt of feeling like you are not making an impact are some of the reasons that employees begin to look for other roles.

BUT – the best time to look for and consider new opportunities is when there is nothing wrong with the current role.  This keeps you in a positive and refreshed mindset, and you feel no sense of desperation to leave your current role. Making a career move is one of the most important decisions someone can make, and it is best to be in a balanced state of mind when making that choice.

We see it a lot – candidates who are eager for a new job that want the recruiting process to go faster than it is able to. The interview process, negotiating, getting the offer approved by senior leadership and HR is something that companies cannot rush. Hiring the wrong candidate quickly is like buying the wrong cheap home repair tool.  It seems like a quick fix at the moment, but a cheap tool can often turn out to be the most expensive in the long run. The companies that we work with invest the time and money in selecting the right candidate that will help them build their organization.

From a candidate's perspective, there is a refreshing feeling knowing that there is no rush. Any potential company can take their time on the decision, and the level and the compensation of the offer needs to be strong in order for you to make a move. You’ve spent years building a career that is right for you, why waste your time with the wrong opportunity? Before jumping into an opportunity, make sure that the timing is right, that you are comfortable in the recruiting process, and that you have the right individuals in your corner.