A career change is one of the most important decisions that a candidate can make for themselves, their family, and their career.  Fairly often, candidates decide to leave their current positon after nearly a decade of work with the same company, so the decision to leave can be a tough one. How do you navigate job offers and interviews after ten plus years of being steadily employed? The decision to use a recruiter for help with a career change can be a huge way to relieve the some of the stress that comes with it.

But why use recruiters at all?

The first and most obvious answer is that searching for a new job is time consuming. Introductory emails, resume floating, and networking can be tedious and overwhelming. Even more overwhelming is having to do all of this while already holding a full-time position. Having to duck out between meetings and drafting emails after 5 can quickly overtake all aspects of a candidate’s life. Many senior level candidates have families, and using a recruiter allows them to spend their time outside of the office on personal things that are important like family, fitness, and rest and recovery. Using a recruiter can alleviate some of the pressure, by taking care of the administrative side of job hunting.

Going with a recruiting agency can make sense for many candidates, because they are often already in contact with the organization, making communication much easier. Most recruiting firms are constantly creating and fostering long-standing relationships with top-tier organizations so that the candidates can focus on the other aspects of the job hunt.  Recruiters are working with your best interests in mind, because they want to see all of their candidates placed with an organization that best fits their qualifications. Recruiting agencies are often flooded with open positions and are seeking out top talent to pair with these openings. They have years of experience matching a candidate with their best potential position and they are going to use this skill to help you land a great job.

No one wants to enter into important negotiations about money with their future boss because it can put a strain on an already tense situation. Talking about base, bonus, and sales quota can quickly undermine any professional pleasantries that have been exchanged. Recruiters can help mediate these conversations to ensure that the candidate is financially able to make a switch.

And finally it should be mentioned that this is a FREE service. Recruiting agencies are being paid to find candidates for a job, which is much easier than finding a job for a candidate! The opportunity is there and ready to be taken, it just takes the connection and care of someone on the inside. Why not use a recruiter?