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The interview process can be difficult. Claddagh Resources will make sure you are prepared every step of the way.

Why Coaching Helps

Practice Makes Perfect

Going into an interview blindly leaves more opportunities for mistakes. We will help you highlight your resume's best attributes to impress your interviewer.

Build Your Confidence

Nerves can get the best of us which typically either leads to rambling or awkward silence. We will have preparation calls with you until the interview process feels like it is second nature.

Knowledge Equals Growth

Many candidates waste quality time in interviews focusing on unnecessary information. We all know that knowledge is power, but understanding how to use that knowledge is the best way to grow as a candidate.

Get Ahead of the Curve

It is difficult to prepare for an interview without thinking about the competition. Our team will help you prepare questions and answers tailored to what your interviewer is looking for.

Do you ever walk out of an interview and feel...

A.) You were unprepared

B.) Your delivery was off

C.) You wanted a do-over

D.) All of the above & more

The recruiters at Claddagh Resources are ready to help you tackle these obstacles and land your dream job.

Clients Benefit From Coaching Too

We know first hand that many clients run into obstacles while trying to build teams that can compete in their market. We provide several services to make this process easier.

Identifying Your Needs

Our recruiters are skilled in performing various styles of executive searches. We'll identify your ideal candidates and create the best search to locate them.

Create Your Contract

Client contracts should be mutually beneficial and customized towards your needs. We will breakdown your preferences and create the best contract for you.

Detailed Case-To-Hires

Yes, you have a list of requirements you are looking for in a candidate, but like many employers you want to know how this person stands out above the rest. We create detailed Case-To-Hires that will show you everything that truly matters.

Manage Accounts

When you have several candidates applying at once, it can be difficult to manage communication. Our account managers will make sure the candidates and clients stay on the same page by scheduling interviews and sending updated candidate trackers.